Divorce Mediation

In mediation, I meet with the couple together.  This means they are working together every step of the way. It is important for both to be present at all times so that decision making is made jointly, and with an equal understanding of the issues they face.

It is not always easy to live together

The mediation process provides a way for you and your spouse to work through your agreement in a way that is as unique as your situation. As a trained and experienced mediator, my job is to both help guide you and your spouse through the steps necessary for completion, and, at the same time, make it more possible for each of you to listen to, and understand, the others interests and needs.  Talking to someone in a situation of conflict, sadness and/or anger is difficult for all people. As a mediator, I work with you to get you beyond what gets in your way to move forward with your life;